It’s Holy Week and for the first time in 8 years you are not going to see people holding signs at many intersections in town... you’re probably not gonna see them in stores (unless they’re essential personnel) wearing their One❤️Love shirts, you won’t have us surprising you with a $20 gift-card or something free... we won’t be throwing an awesome block-party/egg-hunt at PSC or giving away 5,000 lbs of food because Jesus gave us free love unto salvation at Resurrection!


But, it’s not because we don’t care; it’s not because we’re scared; it’s not because we quit; it’s not because PSC is closed... you are not going to see us BECAUSE we care!


That’s right; we could ‘conscientiously object’ and go out and buy people stuff, hold messages of hope, give away free food, and have a party at one of our private church locations... but, it wouldn’t be very conscientious of us when we consider the health of our neighbors, our friends, our family.


This is NOT time to ‘fight the powers of this world’... unless you’re fighting a global virus that’s literally killing people. And, the best way to fight the virus and love our community is to STAY HOME!

But here’s the best part. There is still hope. Hope is not gone. This virus didn’t take God by surprise. He is working through this storm. Communities are coming together to take care of each other. We will come out of this stronger. Everyone is participating in One❤️Love this year whether they know it or not. 


And when we come out of this, One❤️Love will be here. We’ll continue to share the hope that is Jesus with this community that we love. 


For now, love your neighbor. Pray. Pray hard. Pray for healing, for hope, for renewal. And on Sunday, join us in the celebration of the resurrected Christ because guess what? The tomb is STILL EMPTY.

One Body

One God

One Love

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