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2024 - OneLove - 2024

Monday, March 25 | Prayer, Worship, & Preparation | 6 p.m.

Alyssa's South, 4372 Floridatown Rd., Pace

Set-up at 5pm

Everyone is welcome to JOIN US as we pray that God's Peoplwill reach out with His goodness in Unity for Christ Jesus. There will also be a time of training/information for each individual activity of service for the week.


Tuesday, March 26 | Messages of Hope

6:30 a.m. until & 3:30 p.m. until

People driving in our community will see OneLove participants standing at road intersections holding messages of HOPE  and ENCOURAGMENT.

We encourage participants to take photos and post to social media with hashtags #OneLoveFL and #MessagesOfHope.

Wednesday, March 27th | Community Projects

Use this day to perform PLANNED acts of kindness or get a group together to do a service project. Please, let us know what you, your business, LifeGroup, or Team plan to do and if you need resources!

  • Calling ALL painters>>> it’s Spring Break and Hobb’s Middle School has asked us to help them paint! They provide the paint & supplies… OneLove provides the Labor of Love! Starting early Wednesday morning, March 27th, during Spring Break!

  • Avalon Middle School has 2 jobs for us Wednesday during OneLove/Holy/Spring-Break Week!!! #1: Pressure-Washing Doors - start after 0830am #2: Low-Ropes Course: start as early as possible A. Dig Holes (if you have an auto-auger, that’d be great) B. Set 10-12 Foot Poles… No, we do not yet have the poles! C. Erect Poles (There’s a plan) Let’s help our community with the love of Christ!

Thursday, March 28th | Day of Blessing

Teams of 4-5 participants will go to various organizations or businesses in our community to hand out gift cards. Through this encounter, we will be enabled to share the gospel. Teams will choose what time to go out into the community.

Alyssa’s “Round Up” came through BIG TIME! Thank you for your GENEROSITY! With several of our local Churches donating money, we now have enough funds to do the most $20 Gift Cards we’ve ever handed out on “The Day of Blessings” this year!

Good Friday, March 29th | Feeding the 5,000

One Love will partner with local food organizations to provide food to families in need of assistance. Working with the school system, families will be asked to sign up for this day. This will be a great opportunity to share the Gospel message with families in our community and this can only be attained through your prayer and contribution. Locations : SS Dixon Primary and Milton High School.

Volunteers will need to arrive no later than 7:30 a.m. Volunteers may be needed before that time to unload the truck.

Arrivals for food pickup is 8:30-10:00am.

Saturday, March 30th | Love Your Neighbor

We encourage individuals and churches to find a way to love on their community and neighbors in Jesus's name on this day. Whether it's cleaning a yard, building a wheelchair ramp, "egging someone's yard", hosting a neighborhood party, or buying a meal for a family at a restaurant. Please, share with us what happens on Easter Eve!

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