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One Love 2022

Monday, April 11 | Worship/Prayer Gathering | 6 p.m.

Avalon Baptist Church, 4316 Avalon Blvd. in Milton

Join us as we pray that God's kindness would lead people to repentance in Christ Jesus. There will also be a time of training/information for each individual day of service for the week.

Tuesday, April 12 | Messages of Hope

7 a.m. until & 3:30 p.m. until

People driving in our community will see One Love participants standing at road intersections holding messages of hope and encouragement. We encourage participants to take photos and post to social media with hashtags #OneLoveFL and #MessagesOfHope.

Wednesday, April 13 | Choose Your Own Adventure

Use this day to perform random acts of kindness or get a group together to do a service project.

Thursday, April 14 | Day of Blessing

Teams of 4-5 participants will go to various organizations or businesses in our community to hand out gift cards. Through this encounter, we will be enabled to share the gospel messages. Teams will choose what time to go out into the community. 

Good Friday, April 15 | Feeding the 5,000

One Love will partner with local food organizations to provide food to families in need of assistance. Working with the school system, families will be asked to sign up for this day. This will be a great opportunity to share the gospel message with families in our community and this can only be attained through your prayer and contribution. There will be two feeding sites, one in Milton (Milton High School bus ramp) and one in Pace (TBD). Volunteers will need to arrive no later than 7:30 a.m. Volunteers may be needed before that time to unload the truck.

Saturday, April 16 | Love Your Community

There will be no egg hunt taking place this year. We encourage individuals and churches to find a way to love on their community in Jesus name on this day. Whether it's cleaning a yard, building a wheelchair ramp or buying a meal for a family at a restaurant. 

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